Sponsor Spotlight: WPEngine

Hey there Orange County!  WP Engine is coming to hang  out with you guys for your WordCamp.  We’ll have some shwag to give away, and be looking to hang out with you guys and talk all things WordPress.

Before we get into all of that, WP Engine want to give a big thanks to all the organizers for their hard work putting this together.  A big conference like this one takes a few months of prep work, and all of the organizers have done a fantastic job to make the whole event possible, and we’re grateful.

WP Engine is sending a couple of really awesome folks to the OC for the WordCamp: Ben Metcalfe, and Jason Cosper.  Both of these guys are going to be attending the events and will be looking to talk to developers about their sites, maybe giving a few WordPress pointers, and definitely sharing stories about WordPress lore.  They’ve both been part of WordPress since very early, and have some great stories to tell.

Both Ben and Jason will have free accounts for life to give out, along with T-Shirts and maybe some lanyards for everyone who can track them down and find them.

How to Spot Ben and Jason

  • You’ll be able to spot Ben Metcalfe by his often orange hair, as well as his very cool British accent.  Ben has been active with WordPress since it was called “B2,” and has unique insight into how the platform has become a global powerhouse.  Follow Ben on Twitter @dotBen, to see what he’s up to.
  • Jason Cosper’s beard should be back in full force, so look for the guy rocking WP Engine gear underneath a beard to find Jason.  Jason has been developing since 1995, and on WordPress since 2005, and has become a WordPress specialist over the years.  Follow Jason on twitter @boogah, to see where he’ll be!

This is the part where we talk about how awesome WP Engine is, so prepare yourself for a full-frontal attack of marketing that no mere mortal can withstand:

You’ve heard the rumors of pages being delivered in milliseconds, blogs scaling instantly when they get featured in the New York Times, and top-tier security.

This is WP Engine – the premier, managed WordPress hosting company. WP Engine serves 125,000,000 requests daily, each one carefully and continuously tuned for speed, scalability, and security. As a hosting company, WP Engins is beloved by hundreds of bloggers from huge, popular sites down to small company home pages who care about their SEO ranking and their users’ experience. Perhaps best of all is their tech support.  Only WordPress experts answer questions and solve support tickets, with a first response within 30 minutes.

Don’t take our word for it though.  Test how much faster your WordPress could be at speed.wpengine.com and let us prove it to you.

Now, here’s a picture of a LolCat.

lolcat - stealin ur heart

Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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