End-User Awareness

Tony PerezThe purpose of this discussion is to discuss end-user security. Review the latest trends and challenges we see everyday at Sucuri. It’ll leverage existing presentations provided by Dre but hopefully add more substance that the end-user can take home. Would like to add some nice statistics on the latest malware trends and include some preventive techniques as well. The demographic will be geared towards end-users as they are predominantly the ones we see most severely affected. I don’t want to say Upgrade, I want to say upgrade and this is why (show them the vulnerabilities in older versions). If possible I would include a presentation that talks to the process and theory but then give an example as well. This is how you create an .htaccess file to block bots, this is how you use it block entry and insertion of php shells. This is how you scrub your server for things that you might find on our free scanner.. Theory is good, practical application is better. The intent of the presentation is to education and arm the attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe on the web.